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Stuff About Me

What are you doing? Why are you clicking on my profile? Are you some kind of weird pervert? Do you think you'll find out some juicy info about me? Well, that's not gonna happen pal. Nuh-uh, no way. Nothin' to see here.....move along. No really....go on.....hop it.

Are you still here? Are you actually still reading this? I can't believe it. I've already told you that I won't reveal anything. No private personal stuff here. No illuminating stories. No gossip. No incriminating photos. Zip. Nada.

What? Still here? Come on now. Wouldn't you rather be outside enjoying the sunshine/rain/snow/pea-soupy fog? I know I would. I love a good fog. In fact, if I ever started a cool indy band, I'd call it "Fog".

(lalala la la lalala - sorry I'm digressing now - just trying out a few tunes for my band. I really need to buy some bongos)

This is getting kinda ridiculous now. One of us needs to stop. Either you stop reading and just walk away, or I'm just going to have to cut you off.....cold turkey.

So be it, my friend. Adios.

My Hobbies

Hobbies? Who has time for hobbies? Now, hobby horses on the other hand......